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Join the Party!

The pursuit of yoga training completely took over my life a few years back. In the beginning, the demands of the physical practice and mental disciple were overwhelming.  The intense yoga immersion lasted for over 2 years. I was in training for 500 hour yoga certificate, working full-time and teaching 2 to 4 classes per week. After my official training was over, I moved in with my boy-friend and decided not to teach more than 2 regular classes per week. Yoga practice intertwined into my life and things became a bit saner.

In life before yoga, my fitness regime always included some forms of the cardiovascular or aerobic exercise.  I used to take hip-hop classes, box and run.

With the new routine and a tiny bit more time, I wanted to add some ‘cardio’ training to my life. There are mixed views about aerobic workouts. Some say it strains the heart and other say it makes it stronger. I don’t subscribe to either. I believe in middle path and common sense (even thought, I don’t always seem to follow either).

In any event, I’ve missed dancing and I’ve decided to take Zumba in my local gym.  To my surprise, I couldn’t follow the rhythm or keep up with the class. From my yoga practice, I am well aware not to throw in the towel. Besides, the class was really fun.

Daisy, our teacher, played rhythmic Latin, Middle Eastern and other fun tunes.  She taught me a few dance steps and showed me how to use my hips and shoulders. It helped me to move with ease and I was able to really enjoy the class.  Daisy mixes some merenge, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton.  She is a really great teacher. Her energy level and well thought out choreography is amazing and still keeping my interested high.

So what are you waiting for? Join the party!


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