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What is your perfect future? And what are you doing for it right now?


I was not into physics in school at all. I skipped most of the classes and whenever I made it – I found it really boring, until I discovered the mind blowing concept of yoga, followed by the quantum physics, parallel universes, endless possibilities and the black holes. Interestingly, once you’re into something “things” come to our awareness and awaken the memory.  Anyhow, a few weeks ago, I was reading “Be Love Now” book by Ram Das and one of the stories made me dig out the “Yoga of Time Travel” by Fred Alan Wolf out of the closet.

With an introduction from Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland and the followed by an stanza from Bhagavad Gītā 11.32 [The Supreme Lord said: “Time I am, the great destroyer of the worlds; even without you, will all the people here, all the fighters who took positions on opposite sides be engaged in destroying], this book proved to be a special treat.

Expert from the Bhagavad Gītā chapter One:

In the early part of the first millennium BCE, Indian Philosophers found evidence for the beginning of what we today call perennial philosophy. It can be stated in 3 sentences:

1) An infinite, unchanging reality exists hidden behind the illusion of ceaseless change.

2) This infinite, unchanging reality lies at the core of every being and is the substratum of the personality.

3) Life has one main purpose: to experience this one reality – to discover God.

The book story unfolds with the discussion of Yoga Sutra II.5.  Alan Wolf defines klesas as five barriers to reaching the state of egoless mind. He explains that yoga is will help you detach your mind from the physical constraints that impede you from travelling forwards and backwards in time.   There are several references to Raja Yoga and Transcendental Meditation.

The following chapters discuss an insight of the theory of quantum physics, parallel universe and mechanics of ordinary and extraordinary time travel.  Some of the modern trends in physics are explained as well.  There are many more mind blowing and puzzling chapters on time and other similar subjects.

To conclude, the idea is to free ourselves from the constraints of time through meditation and by entering into the timeless realm where we can surrender the ego – Yogah-Citta-Vrtti-Nirodhaha – practice yoga to cease the fluctuations.  Alan Wolf also explains that we can travel back by remembering and changing our past where we can learn from our mistakes and forgive ourselves and others.

And the time travel is theoretically possible, or at least not barred by the laws of physics!

I was totally captured by this book and spend most of my weekend and every bit of a free time reading it.  I was entertaining some “what if” ideas…What if I can go back in time and talk to my younger self (regardless of the time travel possible paradoxes and realities)? I would ask my younger self not to smoke, do better in school, not to drink  and not to go out with these not so nice fellows…but then I  wouldn’t be who I am today. What about all the obstacles and knowledge which came from these experiences? If I was never overweight and never smoked – I wouldn’t be the same person now.

I also imagined my perfect future where I am teaching full time in my perfect studio in the mountains. I am super skinny with a few kids. My body is perfect. I can get into any asana and meditate with no interruption. I control my senses. I help a lot of people and teach yoga and hopefully can make the world a little better place.

I know Sanskrit and Spanish. I travel, hike, rock-climb, ski and organize retreats. My studio is very profitable and I donate and teach for charity.  I write for magazines and have a few published books. I completed yoga therapy teaching training and studies with Gary Kraftsov.

Hmmmm…What can I do today to get this future? Revisit the Sanskrit alphabet, continue with my practice and teaching, order CD from the library to learn Spanish. Say no to extra desert (i.e.: perfect body). Not so hard.  All over the sudden, I am back here and now – the most precious wonderful life and the moment I have.

What is your perfect future and what are you doing for it right now?

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